Kalindi Original GMP Series


Kalindi’s GMP Series
Kalindi first recorded the GMP Series in February of 1997. The original series contained 14 lectures from Kalindi, one from The Lady, two guided meditations, and original music from Deb Musgrave. Later editions of the series added further lectures from Gourasana, The Lady and Jim.

Context from The Lady
At the Path Meditation on August 21, 2018, The Lady promised to make Kalindi’s original, first-edition GMP Series available. That series is available from the links below.

Before the August Path Meditation, The Lady had a conversation with Tamara about wanting the Path to listen to Kalindi’s GMP Series. An excerpt of that conversation is available below so you can hear The Lady’s intention in providing this series for the Path.

Click here to listen to The Lady re: Kalindi’s Original GMP Series:

Series Instructions

Here you can download the original instructions from Kalindi on how to progress through this series:


The transcripts for each talk, plus the two guided meditations, can be downloaded here.

Keep in mind that these transcripts are a little rough, meaning they were done a long time ago and may contain mistakes or have awkward punctuation and paragraphing. The Lady asked us to release them as-is so that we could make this series available sooner.

New transcripts will be posted as soon as we go through and correct them.


Here are the audio files for each talk and guided meditation in the series.
These talks can be listened to by clicking individually on the links below. At this time, these talks are not downloadable.

Note: The first file is a Word document with the length of each talk in the series. Some people may need this information for planning,

#1: Introducing the GMP
#2 General Description of the GMP
#3 The Necessity of Part One
#4 How to Practice Part One
#5 Beginning Stages of Emotional Release
#6 Advanced Stages of Part One
#7 Part Two – Calming
#8 Part Three – Thinking
#9 The Doorway of Illusion
#10 Part Four – Action
#11 Structured GMP and This & That GMP
#12 The Need for Guidance
#13 Advanced Explanation about Part One
#14 On Practicing Part Three and Part Four
#15 The Lady on Prayer
#16 Guided GMP Meditation
#17 Guided This & That GMP