Tuesday, November 19, 2019 (Munich, December 11) – Home Meditation


  • Tonight we will listen again to the two talks that were played at the Freedom Walk meditation:
    • Gourasana – Phone Call with Kalindi (1:10:35)
    • Gourasana – Five-Minute Followup to the GMP (6:48)
  • These two talks will only be available to listen to tonight. The links will be inactive starting tomorrow.
  • The Lady also has selected various letters about the Home Meditations, the Path Day, and the Freedom Walk meditation for us to read – see the instructions from The Lady. The letters are at the very bottom of this post.

Instructions from The Lady

  1. Starting at 7 pm, read the few letters that The Lady has selected (see below).
  2. After reading the letters, sit for 10 minutes to Fairy Ring.
  3. Listen to the two recordings. 
  4. Afterwards, continue meditating however you need to. The Lady suggests meditating to Fairy Ring or Adagio, but you can choose what music you like.

“For tonight’s meditation, go deeper into Gourasana and what He wants.
With all my great love for you and your endeavors.”

The Lady

Additional Instructions

  1. Included below are a second collection of letters about the Home Meditations, Path Day, and the Freedom Walk meditation that The Lady would like us to read.
  2. You can read these in your own timing.

Streaming Links

  1. For Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or the Mac Safari browser 
    (you may need to copy this link and paste it into Safari manually):​
    Phone Call with Kalindi

    Five-Minute Followup to the GMP
  2. For PCs, Macs and Android devices using VLC Media Player:
    Phone Call with Kalindi

    Five-Minute Followup to the GMP