Welcome from The Lady

The Lady welcomes everyone to this magnificent day. She talks about the inspiration for the previous Worldwide Day and reads and responds to personal letters from people about their paths, their lives, and their gratitude for having been with The Lady so intimately in June.  

The Lady mentions two signs during this segment, “Never Give Up” and “Why The Saints Were Saints.” You can download these signs by clicking on the “Materials” icon at the top of this page.

The Lady references Quote #142 by Gourasana from “Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death”:

“The elevation of your own consciousness helps the overall consciousness of the planet.”

The Lady acknowledges the Marketing Team again for producing the new website, which speaks the straight truth of who we are in God – not watered down in any way – for the future of the Mission. She states that the Mission has already succeeded and that the right people are and will be attracted to our name, our purpose, our Mission.