Week #3 – Thursday Meditation; Zoom Call; Closet & Clothes Project

Meditation with Lani (2h:26m):

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Zoom Call #3: Closet and Clothes

God-Consciousness with your Closet & Clothes

You may not have thought much about how your closet and the clothes you choose to wear reflect your inner state. Take this project on as an experiment in revealing to yourself more about how you’re growing in your connection to God.

“Debriefing” Your Clothes – Practical Steps

You can “debrief” your clothes in much the same way you would debrief your personal papers, calendar, etc. It’s a process of keeping what works, is beautiful and contributes to your life – and moving out the things which do not. Here are some practical pointers for making this process simple and enjoyable.

Personal Closet – Organization and Beauty

Now is your chance to turn your closet into a spiritually uplifting experience. Yes, even this little-seen area affects your physical and spiritual well-being. It reflects some of the deepest beliefs you have about yourself – and is therefore an area of powerful personal change.

For Reference: Basics for Anti Chaos Dress Code – from Kalindi

Kalindi gave guidance to those on the Path to Ultimate Freedom about simplifying their clothes according to her “Anti-Chaos Dress Code”. You can adopt this practice if you like.

True Self Dressing & Kalindi Mart

Kalindi Mart is your opportunity to discover how to express emerging aspects of the truer part of yourself. It’s an experience of abundance and letting go – a challenge to the old ways in which you may have held yourself for so long.