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Public Offerings (2:09:46)

Shar begins this video with Sharon Heller doing an overview of Public Offerings.

Lani, Shar and Daniel speak about how accessible the Wednesday Public Meditation, the 1- Day Seminar and the new Monday night Expand Your Awareness evenings are to the public.

Shar, Sharon, Ronna and Lani speak about the depth of the 4-Day and 30-Day Seminars, the Boulder GMP Classes, and the 5- and 6-Week GMP Courses that happen in Denver and around the world.

Finally, Sara talks about the Stay Connected program offered to the people coming out of the 4-Day. Erica shares about her experience with the Center and how she was inspired to start monthly Let Go Meditations for the Stay Connected group in Denver.

Josie then talks about how easy it is to register for any of our events.

Katy and Zia wrap up the Seminar with a short talk from Kalindi called “Current of the Universe.” Various people share some parting remarks in response to Katy’s invitation to share. Katy then has some final parting words.

Thank you all for participating!

If you have any questions, regarding anything about the Mission, please check the Service Directory posted on the Day Three -Video 1 module (in the “Materials” tab to see who you should call. If you can’t find the right person, or don’t know where to go, please email us at and someone from our team will help you.