Day 4: The Words, The Lady, Marcus

Day Four – Overview

Video 1 begins with an introduction from Katy, checking in with Munich, and a new original song from Rene and Henry. Next is an extraordinary slideshow of the event up to this point, followed by David Kramer talking about the new department called “The Words”.

In Video 2 Valentine reads a quote titled “Patience”, then introduces The Lady speaking on live stream to the worldwide congregation. The Lady then introduces Marcus Bond, who wrote In the Master’s Bedroom, a personal account of his life with Kalindi. Marcus speaks with his co-writer, Joseph Gunnels. This video ends with a final message from Juan from Munich.

Shar begins Video 3 with Sharon Heller doing an overview of Public Offerings, followed by many other speakers describing the awesome array of events and follow-up programs we have in Denver and around the world. Katy and Zia wrap up the Seminar with a short talk from Kalindi called “Current of the Universe.” Various people share some parting remarks in response to Katy’s invitation to share.