Tuesday, October 22, 2019 (Munich, October 29) – Home Meditation


  • Tonight we will listen to four recordings from Kalindi:​
    • Who Wants to Hear (25:15)
    • Break Your Heart Open (10:28)
    • On Love (1:51)
    • Kalindi Singing “Let Go” (3:37)

Instructions from The Lady

  • Listen to these talks in order, 1 – 4, two times.
  • Sit until the end of meditation at 10 pm, and:
    • Think about the different things Kalindi said.
    • Do a personal assessment: 
    • After all of these years, where are you in regards to what Kalindi is saying?
    • Where are you now in understanding what Kalindi is talking about on these talks? 
  • After you do your assessment, I want you to think about how your consciousness needs to change in order to do what Kalindi is guiding you to do on these four talks.
  • Also think about: How did these talk help you to change or face where you really are so you can change?

Additional Instructions

  • Listen to these talks as beginners, because you are.
  • Don’t listen thinking you already know this material, or thinking you are beyond it. The reality is most people have not truly accomplished what Kalindi is talking about on these four talks.
  • Also: Between now and next Tuesday, listen to Gourasana’s talk “Extreme Danger of the Illusion” again.

Streaming Links
1) For Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or the Mac Safari browser 
(you may need to copy this link and paste it into Safari manually):
Who Wants to Hear: http://audio.miracle.org:1935/vod/audio/path/mp3:K20050904WhoWantsToHearEdit.mp3/playlist.m3u8
Break Your Heart Open: http://audio.miracle.org:1935/vod/audio/path/mp3:K20050921BreakYourHeartOpenEdit.mp3/playlist.m3u8
On Love:  
Kalindi Singing “Let Go”: http://audio.miracle.org:1935/vod/audio/path/mp3:K20051008KSingingLetGoEdit.mp3/playlist.m3u8

2) For PCs, Macs and Android devices using QuickTime Player 7 or using VLC Media Player:
Who Wants to Hear:  
Break Your Heart Open: 
On Love:  
Kalindi Singing “Let Go”: