Tuesday, November 27, 2018 – Path Meditation with The Lady

The Lady began this evening with a deep half-hour meditation. She then asked everyone on the Path to use each day from December 1 until the February Path Day to have an internal breakthrough, letting go our old baggage. She followed with reading the letters exchanged by Kalindi, Turiya and Rafia concerning Path of Love process. 

The Lady ended with a talk Kalindi created to give pinpoint guidance to The Lady concerning the Intensive (now the Seminar). 

If you would like the transcript of Kalindi speaking to The Lady about the Intensive, which he heard last night in meditation. The talk is titled “Guidance to The Lady” or a copy of the letters that Kalindi wrote to Rafia and Turiya that The Lady read , please send a request to Rachael. Also include the reason you want to study these letters. These letters are confidential, and The Lady doesn’t want these to be distributed casually, so we wish to only send them to those that have a purposeful need (Marketing, Come to God, etc.). Keep in mind these will only be Kalindi’s letters, not the letters from Rafia and Turiya. Thank you!

Click below to access the video: