Tuesday, May 12, 2020


  • The Lady had intended for there to be no home meditation tonight so people could debrief, but something came up that she needs to address.
  • She would like the Path to be serious and listen carefully to the following recordings.


  1. Listen to The Lady Speaking to the Path – May 8, 2020 (1:01:34)
    • ​​This is a conversation between The Lady and John. It begins with John bringing a topic of concern to The Lady. Ultimately, she begins talking directly to the Path.
  2. Listen to The Lady’s Follow Up – May 9, 2020 (42:31)
    • ​​The Lady speaks directly to the Path as a follow-up to the first recording.
  3. Meditate to Fairy Ring for 30 minutes
  4. Listen to Commentary from Monique (3:44)
  5. Listen to Commentary from John (27:20)

Streaming Links

Option 1:
For Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or the Mac Safari browser 
(you may need to copy this link and paste it into Safari manually):​
Step 1: https://audio.miracle.org/vod/mp4/audio/path/mp3:TL20200508ToPath.mp3/playlist.m3u8
Step 2: https://audio.miracle.org/vod/mp4/audio/path/mp3:TL20200509FollowUp.mp3/playlist.m3u8
Step 4: https://audio.miracle.org/vod/mp4/audio/path/mp3:20200511MoniqueCommentary.mp3/playlist.m3u8
Step 5: https://audio.miracle.org/vod/mp4/audio/path/mp3:20200511JohnCommentary/playlist.m3u8

Option 2:
For PCs, Macs and Android devices using QuickTime Player 7 or using VLC Media Player:
Step 1: rtsp://audio.miracle.org:1935/vod/mp4/audio/path/mp3:TL20200508ToPath.mp3
Step 2: rtsp://audio.miracle.org:1935/vod/mp4/audio/path/mp3:TL20200509FollowUp.mp3
Step 4: rtsp://audio.miracle.org:1935/vod/mp4/audio/path/mp3:20200511MoniqueCommentary.mp3
Step 5: rtsp://audio.miracle.org:1935/vod/mp4/audio/path/mp3:20200511JohnCommentary.mp3