Tuesday, March 17, 2020 – Home Meditation – (Munich March 24)


  • The Lady would like us to listen to Kalindi’s talk, “The Grand Illusion.” This talk is in the Simple Path series, which you all should have. The Lady said that due to current events, we will be able to hear Kalindi’s words newly.
  • Afterwards, meditate to our own playlist until 10 pm, going through each part of the Gourasana Meditation Practice. ​


  • The Lady explains how she wants us to meditate tonight on the recording that you can download below. The recording is from a few voicemail messages that she gave to John, and is just under 7 minutes long.
  • Please listen to the recording from The Lady before 7 pm so you know how to set yourself up for meditation.
  • Meditate in separate rooms so as not to spread droplets from one person to another.
The Lady: 20-3-17 re: Meditation