Tuesday, January 14, 2020 – Home Meditation (Munich Jan 21)


  • Tonight we will listen to a talk from Gourasana, titled “Encouragement and Choice” This talk is from February 22, 1995 and is 2 hrs 43 min long.
  • The Lady recorded an introduction to this talk, which everyone should listen to first. Her intro is 12 minutes.
  • Also attached at the end of this post are letters that The Lady would like to share with the Path. They are about the different events and activities from the last few months. You can read them in your own timing.

Streaming Links

Option #1:
For Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or the Mac Safari browser: 
(you may need to copy this link and paste it into Safari manually):​

• Instructions from The Lady:

Gourasana: Encouragement and Choice:

Option #2:
For PCs, Macs and Android devices using VLC Media Player:
Introduction from The Lady: 

Gourasana: “Encouragement and Choice”