Tuesday, April 10, 2018 – Path Meditation – Evening with The Lady

The Lady presented further serious direction to the Path.
During the evening, The Lady read a transcript of, and played, an unreleased talk from Gourasana titled “Cleaning Up the Mission.” Because this talk is part of The Lady’s private collection, she asked that it not be recorded or made part of what is available on here. Therefore that part of the evening is not part of the video below.

Michael Jackson Documentary
During the evening, The Lady spoke about a Michael Jackson documentary that she watched. The title of the documentary is “This Is It,” a behind-the-scenes documentary with footage of him preparing and rehearsing for his live shows. The documentary is available for purchase from some sites, like Amazon, and may also be available through your cable tv “on demand” service.

It is also available in full, for free, from the following website: