Tribute to David Swanson – March 24, 2020

Traditionally on this day, March 24th, each year,
we honor David Swanson, as Kalindi wanted him to be known:
The man who gave his life so that Lord Gourasana could manifest on this earth.
David, lovingly and in sweet and willing surrender said ‘Yes’ to Gourasana

and knew it was his destiny and complete desire to allow Gourasana to use him,
knowing that his life would be shorter, because of this surrender.
Kalindi called David a saint and has asked us to recognize him as a saint.

She told us that if we felt a connection to him, we could pray to him and he would answer.

In honor of David today, we invite you to listen to a 15 minute talk from The Lady, speaking about David:

“David Swanson, The Man Who Never Gave Up” – The Lady