Part 4- Worldwide Sharing and Next Steps (1:10:41)

This final part features sharing from all over the world. Please take notes on any comments that may help you in your quest for humility.

Tamara continues by presenting the 7 simple elements of the Freedom Walk program for the next 6 weeks. The main focus is self realization. Be sure to take notes about those elements in which you want to participate. (You can see the full list of elements on the page titled “Discovering Humility: Elements of the Humility Focus”.)

When Sara gives the titles for the remaining tabs for the notebook, you can either create the tabs as she speaks, or take notes and schedule time to complete your notebook later.

The day ends with an overview of the year.

Thank you for giving your effort to this journey together into more humility! After this video, please move to the Freedom Walk Path Call where Tamara and Sara play Part 2 of The Lady playing Gourasana’s talk on Humility.