How to Type a Circle G Copy

Video Tutorial: How to Type Circle-G in Word

This is a video tutorial for how to set up your computer to type a G with a circle around it in Microsoft Word, like so: Ⓖ. This tutorial is only for Macs, as I’m not familiar enough with Word on PC’s. However, it’s quite possible that the PC version of Word is similar enough that you can use these instructions and find your way.

I’m using Word 2011 in this video, and you may have a different version (such as Word 2008 or Word 2016 for Mac). If you are using a different version the menus may look a bit different, but hopefully you will be able to successfully find your way also.

Underneath the video is a simple instruction sheet that you can download and use as a reference as you go through the video.

Good luck!


Important Update: Please disregard the last part of the video, in which I create a key command. It is not working properly and I need to tinker with it a bit more. Everything up to that point works extremely well however.

Written Instructions