Devotional Offering

At the Retreat Vince talked about Kalindi’s practice of having us put a dollar every day on our altar, in gratitude and recognition, giving back to the vehicle that is currently bringing us closer to God. There is a universal spiritual teaching among many serious paths to give back to where we are getting so much from, completing the “love cycle” of giving and receiving.

Then, at the end of the month, Kalindi instructed us to wrap up our dollars in a beautiful cloth, with a love note offering this money to our Mission. At the Centers, in our Place of Prayer on the altar, there is always a beautiful bowl where we bring our offering at the first meditation of the next month.

Kalindi had us recognize that we all had an extra dollar in our pocket that we could daily give to God.

You are invited to adopt this practice together with the people on the Path to Ultimate Freedom. Of course, the Center welcomes any donation.

If you don’t live at a Center, you can still do this as a daily devotional practice, and send your devotional offering by either:

  • a check to the Center at the end of the month.
    • Denver Center: Center of Thee Golden One. 4277 West 43rd Avenue, Denver, CO 80212
  • or going on line and submitting it via credit card: Devotional Offering

“From now on Everything you do you do for God to increase the Love”

Gourasana, The Sign Book: Let Go, Give Up, Surrender