Week 4: Prayer & Devotion

“You can look at prayer as an invitation,
an invitation to God to come into your life. You’re inviting God. “

The Lady, Most Essential Talks, Ch. 14.

What would our week be like if we immersed ourselves in prayer in a whole new way? So many ways to pray……..

“True prayer, not asking for something material, but true prayer has an attraction as it is a special attraction of your will to the Supreme. Prayer has a special power, a special attraction. It works. If you pray to be free from this illusion, a power or energy will be attracted to you which will free you from this state of illusion.”

Gourasana, Breaking the Cycle of Birth and Death #186


“If you say you don’t have time for prayer, I say you don’t have time for God.”

The Lady

Wednesday is Stretch-Day:

  • Write a beautiful prayer tonight and pass it on to a stranger the following day.
  • Talk to someone about prayer and what it means to you.
  • Make one or more beautiful cards of love and truth and give them away anonymously.

Your Desire is your Prayer