Day 3 Video 3: Vince on Devotion – Part 1 (1:40:10)

Vince brings us back to how simple the path is. Everything discussed yesterday and today all comes back to letting go of your life as you want it to be (i.e., letting go of judgments, concepts and beliefs; unnecessary suffering; neediness), and living your life as God would have it – in His Love. This was the commitment he asked us to take on for this whole Retreat. See if you can renew your commitment.

Then Vince takes us on a journey of love and devotion for God and explains that this is where we naturally feel love and devotion for others. He takes us into a prayer walk of devotion.

Join the prayer walk in whatever way you can. During the prayer walk Vince then plays a talk from Kalindi about how to offer yourself to God – in devotion.