Day 3 – Suffering, Feelings, Devotion; End of Life

The day begins with Shar continuing the thread of letting go established in Day One. She explains how so many of us go through needless suffering – suffering that we personally have the power to change, but for some reason we do not. She explores attachment to suffering and urges us to identify where we are attached and how to let go.

Daniel follows Shar, describing how the mind takes a vague feeling of discontent and puts a negative spin on it – when it is really an expression of our longing for God. He explains that allowing yourself to be in that longing is the key to letting go of the illusion.

Finally, Vince takes us through the rest of the day talking about devotion’s various forms and the awareness that truly there is no time to waste – we are all dying; we just don’t know when. There are a number of excerpts from talks and the day ends with a long, deep meditation in love of God. Vince encourages us to let our prayer continue through the night into tomorrow.