Day 3 Video 2: Daniel on Feelings of Neediness & Longing (1:49:30)

Turning Towards God With Your Longing

Daniel focuses on a particular aspect of awareness and choice: How to redirect all of our uncomfortable feelings, and in particular those of neediness, into longing for God. As The Lady says: “Everything can be reduced to the longing.”

Daniel explains that beneath all our feelings of “something is not right – with me – with you – with the situation,” is the feeling of needing something to be complete, fulfilled. When we reflect on this from our minds, we tend try to “fix” the situation. To take these material feelings into a spiritual direction to go to God, If instead of dwelling on the feeling itself, we go into the feeling of neediness and then into longing for God, we go into the deepest place where God can be with us.

Daniel asks everyone to contemplate the following questions:

  • Identify a personal feeling that you tend to misinterpret as “something is wrong with me or my life.”
    • How do you judge or label this feeling?
    • What do you do instead of going into the longing?
  • Identify some area where you think or believe that you need to have a relationship with a person to fulfill something in you.

Daniel closes with a quiet, longing meditation for you to join.

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