Day 3 Video 1: Shar on Needless Suffering (2:09:34)

Shar welcomes everyone again and speaks in appreciation of how Vince helps people to free themselves from what holds them back. She follows this with a one – minute let go.

As follow-up to Vince’s presentations yesterday, Shar plays Kalindi’s talk “Love Everything” – a reminder that in going to God and letting go of how we want things to be, we become capable of truly loving.

When Shar suggests that we form sharing circles, follow her direction and journal about the questions she raises. If you are doing this course with one or more friends, share with them. Otherwise, explore the questions through journaling and come to your own knowing of what there is for you to let go of.

Right actions keep us moving away from the illusions to which we are attached.
What actions can you take to change out of your suffering?

As we go into a break, what do you know you can let go as you pass through the doorway?

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Examples of Needless Suffering

  • Holding onto negative mind messages
  • Getting captured in judgments
  • Getting captured in concepts
  • Getting captured in beliefs
  • Stuck in an issue & creating a story
  • Being triggered, losing connection, & still justifying being triggered
  • Continuing to go back to living in the past
  • Wallowing in endless feelings
  • Complaining
  • Engaging in the 10 No’s

The 10 No’s

No Assumption
No Hearsay
No Rumors
No Gossip
No Discouragement
No Judgments
No Negative Thinking
No Wallowing
No Issues
No Complainng

You can download the 10 No’s by clicking on “Materials” at the top of the page.

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The Ten No's