Day 2 Video #6 – Doing the Work from the Light (1:03:53)

Daniel leads this section with a talk from Kalindi: “This Type of Transformation”. Transformation takes you to a full state of unconditional love and union with God. And in the process, healing happens without even focusing on it.

Daniel plays a second clip, “Letting Go – Wow!”, in which Kalindi says that transformation is like a game – all about awareness. As you’re going through it, it’s like a puzzle unfolding. If you let go, Gourasana will just take you. When there’s a block, you do the work to remove the block, then continue moving forward. It can be quite pleasant.

Finally, set yourself up for meditation in a position where you’re both comfortable and alert (probably sitting). You will be listening to a conversation between Rachael and The Lady in response to a letter Sara wrote about her realization, and this conversation is followed by a sweet meditation led by Daniel.

Go to sleep in this feeling.