Day Two: A Day with Daniel

Daniel talks with us from the point of view that we DO want to be free from our illusions – we just so often collapse, forget, become lazy and think we do not have a choice to be free.

In video #1, Daniel and Rachael take turns speaking about how to do the work (and how NOT to do it). Rachael brings poignant examples from The Lady with important teachings to guide you.

Video #2 begins with Daniel giving powerful information on how to handle the childhood issues and unworthiness which have plagued so many of us. Unworthiness is a tool of the illusion to prevent us from feeling God’s love – and it succeeds, year after year, if we let it. Without our support, it has no power.

Video #2 continues with Daniel guiding you through 3 rounds of sharing to walk away from childhood issues and unworthiness – for good. You will be journaling your response to the questions for each round of sharing and making your own personal commitment to not entertain the illusion even when it’s shouting from your mind.

Video #3  is a guided GMP meditation.

Video #4 completes the day with a Q & A period and further key points from Kalindi and The Lady on doing the work from the light.

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YouTube Videos and Music Played Today:
  • “Jacob’s Theme” – played by Howard Shore