Day 2 Video 5: Vince continues (1:40:16)

Vince continues the day by talking about feelings. They’re not to be repressed or denied – some are just to be felt and let go; others you take into premeditation.

He follows with a talk from Kalindi called “The Emotional Body”. She instructed us to scream to open up so that emotions could flow. Screaming is one of the keys to unlocking the power of the GMP®. (Links to the talks in the Bookstore can be found by clicking on “Materials” at the top of this page.)

Exercise: In the song following Vince’s talk, take your scream towel and follow his instructions. Then take out your journal, and write about what just happened for you – what you discovered about screaming. Answer these two questions:
• What did you see about the importance of screaming in your own meditations?
• What keeps you from screaming when you have feelings to release?

Next Vince addresses the deeper meditative work. He plays a clip from a phone call Gourasana had with Kalindi on December 6, 1994.

Exercise: After the clip of the phone call, close your eyes and think about what Gourasana said.

The next talk from Kalindi is called “Let It Feel Itself”. She urges us to go deeply within to find the places where a deeply repressed feeling will release if you give it permission.

Vince reads this question: “I’m good at screaming and crying and being energetic in the GMP, but I want to go deeper to God and I don’t know how. I can’t just keep moving anger in meditation. How do I let something else happen deeper with God?”

Exercise: Close your eyes and contemplate this question. What would you say to this person?

Vince plays a final Kalindi talk: “Gourasana is Here to Help You”. There are illusions you can’t fight on your own. Call on Gourasana, and He will help you to get through it. He is the master of that illusion.

This is the end of Day 2 presentations. Ronna and Lani now set you up for homework.

Exercise: Listen to the instructions that Ronna, The Lady (recording) and Lani give you for an evening and morning program to sustain your consciousness:


  • Debrief your brain from today; in your RE Book, write any changes you want to make as a result of your experiences today.
  • If information came to you in the 3-4 areas that you wrote down at the beginning of the day, write that down in your RE Book.
  • Before you fall asleep, find a depth of calm, where you can access the truth.
  • Go to sleep consciously, conscious of your desire, yearning, longing, or a dead serious prayer.


  • Wake with the name of the Lord on your lips, and jump out of bed.
  • Write REs in your RE Book. Capture all the awarenesses, information and actions that came to you.
  • Do Prayerful Breath and/or meditate
  • Dress consciously

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