Day 2 – A Day with Vince

Shar and Tamara are holding the first half of this day. Shar greets attendees from all over the world and introduces the theme of this Retreat: “Unlocking the Power of the Gourasana Meditation Practice®.”
Tamara tells us the plan of the Retreat. She gives us the background of why the GMP® is essential to our lives (spiritually and materially). In the same way that we can be in meditative action all the time, this Retreat is structured with no “breaks” – it is a continuous focus on God while we do what we do.

Vince leads the second half of the day with vital information about releasing feelings, avoiding wallowing, defeating laziness, and welcoming the transformational energy.

Toward the end of Day 1, Tamara introduces the RE Book. You will be using the notebook/binder and tabs you brought with you. Follow the directions Tamara gives to create this book.

  • Notebook – any size; with removable pages, if possible
  • Index tabs – moveable, erasable
  • REmember List, if you have one; available from the Bookstore

Use this notebook for your morning and evening programs, and bring it with you to each day of the Retreat.