Day 2 Video #2 – Teachings from The Lady & Kalindi; What Keeps You Separate Right Now? (1:20:52)

Teachings from The Lady and Rounds of Sharing (1:20:52)

Set yourself up to both listen and journal during this video. The day continues with Daniel speaking about childhood issues and unworthiness – these have held us up for so long and there is a way to let them go. You can do this by using the truth that Daniel speaks to shape your next steps on your path.

After Daniel’s talk, there are three rounds of sharing and you are asked to journal in response to the questions Daniel asks. Before you begin each round of sharing, read the content block below that corresponds to that round. Connect to the truer part of yourself and journal from a positive attitude and sense of worthiness. Let this process guide you into a place within of self-discovery and even deeper commitment to your personal transformation.

Round of Sharing 1: Who Are You Truly?

For this day, stay out of your “story” about whatever is being asked. No negativity; share from the truer part of yourself with a positive attitude.

Activity: When this round of sharing begins, journal on the questions Daniel asks:

  • What did your connection in the Seminar reveal to you about who you really are?
  • For those of you who have been transforming for years, what have you realized about the truth of who you really are?
  • Summarize what you came to and write it in your journal. This way you can refer back to this perspective when you go to the next rounds of sharing.

Round of Sharing 2: What Is Blocking You from Finding the Truth?

Activity: Listen to the distinction Kalindi makes between your being of illusion and your truer part. As the round of sharing begins, journal about these questions Gourasana has raised (Breaking the Cycle, 4th ed. #218). Be as precise as you can but spend time with each question. When you hear the excerpts of Kalindi speaking, spend time contemplating what you’ve heard, and journal if you like.

  • “What is it that is currently blocking you from finding the truth?”
    • (Those of you on the Path to Ultimate Freedom: If you’ve been sharing about the same blocks year after year, what deeper block or belief underlies those? Take a deeper cut. Get to what really separates you from God.)
  • “What are the practical aspects of your existence that you have created that are blocking you from the light?”
    • (It’s a feeling of, “Oh my God – what have I been doing?? This is what I have to change – NOW!” Let the feeling be there – this is not just a description. Bottom line: What keeps you separate from God?)
  • “What will you do to change and let go to live in that Light, that connection, that love and passion from this moment on in your day-to-day life?”
    • (What you’re attached to is a belief in your mind – what do you have to do to break that pattern of belief? Once you see what you do to separate yourself from God, one thing you can do is: DO THE OPPOSITE. What is that for you? You can also let go of the belief.)