Day 2 Video #1 – How to Do the Work (and How Not to Do It) (2:04:59)

Introduction to Day Two and Talk on How To Do the Work (2:04:69)

This day begins with a “shake it off” meditation for about 15 minutes. Find a place to do this where you can move around and turn up the volume of the video. This meditation is an important step in capturing the consciousness of the day.

After meditation, situate yourself so that you are ready to listen and take notes. Listen to Daniel introducing the day and find an appreciation in yourself about the uniqueness of this work. The work is based on rare truth coming from an Incarnation of God, which is opposite of the mood of the planet.

Follow Daniel as he reminds us that “we are not the being of illusion!” We are truly the part within that is connected to God at all times. We can do the work from this positive perspective, using awareness to be cognizant of the part of us that buys into the illusion.

Daniel introduces Rachael who relays recent points from The Lady as a “roadmap” on how to do – and not do – the work at this time.

Rachael’s “Letting Go” Roadmap from The Lady

Rachael is a member of The Lady’s team. In her service she captures the guidance The Lady gives to people. In this talk she gives us a roadmap to letting go based on her own experiences and the experiences of others whom The Lady has helped. You can use this roadmap to move yourself forward spiritually. She also suggests that you listen to several very supportive talks by Kalindi. Take the time to do this soon, as these talks will support your movement forward. You can get these talks at:

Take good notes, because what Rachael is communicating from The Lady is important information containing several pointers you can follow to become free from any illusion that is tormenting you. Feel free to make signs of the points that you feel will help you the most. You can put those signs up in places where you will see them every day. Remember to change them to keep the reminders fresh.

Your work is yours to do – and because of that, you have the power to change in the ways you want.

The Lady’s Simple Formula

  • See it.
  • Face it.
  • Let it Go.
  • Change.
  • Walk away.
  • Drop It like a hot potato.