Day 1 Video 3: Vince on Love, Awareness and Surrender (1:59:20)

Vince talks about what it is like to live in God’s Love and to be “in love” with everyone he encounters. He talks about the price of surrender to experience this Love and urges us to keep it simple and trust that in our letting go. God is always on the other side with His Love and Light – always.

Vince explains that our work is to turn to God instead of the illusion and he teaches us one way on how to accomplish this through “moment-by-moment awareness.” This awareness makes it possible to stay deep within and to see the difference between choosing illusion and choosing God.

Vince introduces the practice of moment-by-moment awareness. He suggests paying attention to four questions. You can capture moment-by-moment awareness by asking yourself these questions as often as possible throughout the day.

  • What am I doing right now?
  • What am I thinking right now?
  • What a I feeling right now?
  • What is distracting me right now?

Vince shares two keys to spiritual success from Kalindi. While these may seem difficult to achieve or may not be your personal focus, Vince shares how to approach surrender in a way that is encouraging and applicable for all of us.

Surrender, at whatever level one chooses, takes practice. So Vince makes a request of us:

For the rest of the Retreat, will you commit to letting go of your life as you want it to be and living it as God would have it?

Listen to Vince’s suggestions about how to make this possible. See how you can live in this commitment moment-by-moment for the next 5 days and feel what the result is for you personally.

Commitment requires:

  • Moment-by-moment awareness
  • Tune out your mind
  • Do everything from worthiness
  • Trust
  • Devotion
  • Let go of what doesn’t work for you