Day 1 – Welcome to the 2017 Retreat!

Walking the Simple Path Home to God

“Gourasana and Kalindi have already said everything that needs to be said. No more words are necessary.
I cannot add further words to what Gourasana and Kalindi have already spoken, but what I can do is:

• Take you into the guidance and truth that Kalindi and Gourasana
have spoken in order for you to break free,
• Make you spiritually accountable to their guidance and truth, and
• Inspire, push, guide you Home through their guidance and truth.

But, you have to become self-motivated. I was self-motivated. Gourasana told me He liked that I would take action and do the things He suggested or told me to do. I have traveled the Path, and have the knowledge and ability to teach how to go Home in this lifetime. Kalindi said, “Lady, give them your Path.”

We are dedicating this year 2017 to actualizing the foundational teachings of Gourasana and Kalindi through the guidance of The Lady.

The Lady
January 13, 2015

Join our new upcoming spiritual Masters, Juan Latuf and Vince Roger, along with Daniel Kaplan and Shar Gracelyn and other leaders who – on behalf of The Lady – facilitate five days of serious spiritual work.

There is time to explore, meditate upon, and come into self-realization about how we can keep moving out of the illusion and tangibly live each day freer and closer to God, learning to continually “Walk the Simple Path Home to God.”

Listen to the five days of video recordings in the order in which they are presented in this course. And take a ride toward more love for God, for yourself and others, and attain more freedom from illusory thoughts, habits and behaviors that have been separating you from that love.