Day 1 Video 1 (2:53:24) – The Lady’s Welcome to All

The Lady begins the Retreat with a serious meditation and then extends many thank yous and acknowledgments while presenting guidance and many teachings. Please stand for the first part, then follow The Lady’s direction. ​

Monique and Annette introduce The Lady by presenting “The Lady in Prayer” website – a gift to The Lady from Kalindi in 2008. You can also access this website online at

A serious meditation ends this segment. Let yourself be deeply moved by the intensity of the music and lyrics. This intensity is what is truly happening in this world.

Note: The Lady suggests you watch serious documentaries so you can stay in touch with the human suffering in this world. Please see the list of suggested videos by scrolling all the way down the page, below the video.

The Lady suggests a bathroom/snack break prior to a 2 1/2-hour meditation. If you are continuing with the next video, take a brief break here to have a small snack, then prepare yourself for the meditation on Day 1 Video 2.

Please click on the play button to access the video:

Click on “Materials” at the top of this page to access:

  • the lyrics for the song The Lady played, “You Like it Darker”
  • information about Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Documentaries Recommended by The Lady