Talk 9: The Doorway of Illusion

“The doorway in for the illusion is to influence you through your mind.
That is the doorway of illusion – through your mind.
That is why the mind must be calm and controlled – so simple, clear, and high intelligence can be accessed.
The mind has to be controlled and calm.”

“If the mind is engaging in its endless traps, tricks, and “mind-fucks,” you will find every time that you will be trapped in one of the three most obvious signs that the illusion has you. And those three signs are judgments, negative thoughts, and discouragement. So you will know, when those three things are going on, that the illusion has you, and it got you through the doorway of your mind. As soon as you allow your mind – not your intelligence, which is different from your mind – but your mind to be engaged in its endless scenarios, you will have just invited the illusion to come in and torture you because you will immediately be trapped in one of the three most obvious signs of the illusion, which again are judgments, negative thoughts, and discouragement.”

” The illusion is within you and outside of you waiting to bother you constantly. Its sole job is to keep you separate from God, separate from truth, and to somehow cause turmoil. It takes a great control of the being to control the mind and to function from your intelligence and heartfelt, soul-felt connection to the Lord.”

“And it is possible through desire, prayer, and practice and a simple moment-by moment practice of saying “no” to the illusion when it plagues your mind and nags at you. Whether it plagues you with fear or guilt or all the other many endless scenarios, you have to learn to say “no” to the doorway of illusion. And that is to learn the art of shutting that door repeatedly and turning to your intelligence and your depth and your trust in God.”

Kalindi, GMP Series #9 “The Doorway of Illusion”

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Talk 9: The Doorway of Illusion

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