Talk 6: Advanced Stages of Emotional Release

In the GMP Series talk # 6, Kalindi speaks about the
importance of continuing to practice
and integrate this meditation into your life,
no matter what your religion or beliefs:

“As long as the emotional body continues to release and the being is opened up in a prayerful state and you are becoming more freed up and more open to God’s energy and presence entering for healing, then you will be able to access a calm state from which control of the being is accessed and clear intelligence and intuition can be heard for direction forward in life.

A good portion of people listening to this are going to remain in the beginning stages of Part One, and that is okay as long as you just keep going. Just keep going. Don’t stop this meditation practice for the rest of your life. Use it. Integrate it into your life.

It is happening anyway. Either you are repressed and you don’t want to feel it, or you are throwing pots and pans around, or you are getting angry at people – you are doing Part One in a negative way instead of doing it in a positive way. So try to take this in and have it become a lifestyle, no matter what your religion is.
And call on God in any way that you want to call on God. What matters is the sincerity in your heart, and God will answer you. “

She also speaks about how the longing, the soul’s cry for union with God are connected to Part One of the GMP, and the the journey Home:

“ And for those people desiring ultimate freedom in this lifetime, they will find that through that desire, the emotional body will open to its deepest core and deepest feeling – which as I have said, is the longing for union, the longing to return Home, the longing to end the separation from God fully – which means the death of the false ego and false identity. “

“To enter into the soul’s cry, you will be at the core of the emotional body’s release, and that type of release opens the nervous system to the flow and current of the energy, love, and presence of the Lord. At that point of transformation, the heart will have been pierced many times in its opening-up process and letting go at the same time. Your heart will be pierced so many times, whether you want freedom or not. It is just if you are going for freedom, you don’t do anything to try to stop the heart from being pierced. You allow it to happen. “

“Once God begins to answer that longing, however long it may take, you learn to understand that the longing in its depth is the love of God and your desire to return to Him. And He reciprocates with you in the depth of your longing even though you are feeling the pain of separation. In that realization of the longing, one no longer fears the depth of longing and deep pain that occurs on the journey, the inner journey Home, because the longing in its agony draws God ever closer until union is achieved and self-realization occurs. “

Kalindi – Advanced Stages of Emotional Release

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Talk 6 – Advanced Stages of Emotional Release

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