Writing to The Lady Copy


Following are details about writing to The Lady, collected in one place for your reference. This will be kept updated as details are added or changed.

If you have any questions, you can email John at valentine@miracle.org.


Send your letters for The Lady to:


Someone from The Lady’s team will respond and confirm that they have received your letter for The Lady.

Most Helpful: File Name

The most helpful thing you can do to support the work of The Lady’s secretary, is name your Word or PDF document in the following way. When I receive your letters for The Lady I change the file name to match this format for my file system. Changing each file name of each letter takes time, so if you already title your documents in this way it will help me a lot. Here is the format I would like to ask you use:

File Name Format:
First Name + Last Initial + Date of Letter (written as TwoDigitYear–Month–Day)
For example:
John V 17-8-6
John V 18-6-12
John V 18-7-17

Some pointers:

  1. Please do not use leading zeros before the month or day. For example, do not use “05” for May or “09” for September. Just use “5” or “9.”
  2. Do not use periods in the file name except at the end of the name before the file extension (.doc, .docx, .pdf, etc). For example:

No: John V. 17-8-6.docx
Yes: John V 17-8-6.docx


Inside your letter, at the top of the letter, please always include the following: at the Upper Right-Hand Corner of the Page:
– Date
– Full Name
– Community
There is no need to include your phone number or email address

Letter Format

If you know how to set the following settings, please do so for your letters. It is not mandatory, but I do change all the letters to these settings (for the most part) to make the letters uniform in appearance:
Letter Format:

  • Size: US Letter (8.5 x 11)
  • Font: Century
  • Font Size: 12 pt
  • Spacing: 1.5
  • Margins:Top: .75″
    • Left/Right: 1.0″
    • Bottom: .5″ or .75″
  • No italics or bold

Physical Mail

Send physical mail to the Denver Center:

The Lady
4277 W. 43rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80212