Week 7: Your Rules to Live By

“The impossible is made possible
through desire, prayer, perseverance, effort, trust and faith, prayer, surrender,
letting go, thinking, listening, no resistance, God’s mercy and special assistance and meditation.”

Kalindi, 1995


Use this week to explore, find and revise your own Rules to Live By.

The idea of having rules originally came from David Swanson, the man who gave his life in sweet and willing surrender so Gourasana could come to the world. They are a way to help you to remember God in your life everyday as you abide by them. Your rules will also help you to keep your consciousness awake and sharp.

Reflect and find what will keep you aligned with God/Truth/Love and help you to live the life that you know – deep inside yourself – God wants you to live.

Finding your own rules means you are taking responsibility for your spiritual success; it means you have the willingness to do what’s needed.

You come to your own personal rules to live within by being in relationship with God and asking, exploring, meditating, receiving . . .


Your rules keep you close to God and away from the illusion.

The rules are PERSPECTIVES to live by, and not necessarily actions to take, although in some cases you may have an action, like to meditate regularly.

When you don´t know what to do about something you can turn to look at your rules for guidance. The rules will help you to immediately upgrade your consciousness to a higher perspective, one that will align you with God. This perspective will help you to make your many decisions from higher consciousness.

Your rules are meant to be followed and not to be deviated from.

In addition to the guidelines that we call “the 10 No’s” that were given to us . . . what rules do you want to give to yourself to live within?

Some questions and suggestions to help you come to your Rules to Live By:

  1. What perspectives do I need to live within to succeed spiritually? How am I going to succeed? Go deep, and situate yourself in your own knowing of what you need.
  2. What is a guideline I can have to help me stay within, and to control my mind? In your consciousness you want to say “no” to the illusion and say “yes” to something, something of God.
  3. Where are you seeking comfort outside of God and within the illusion, something you want to stop because it takes you away from God? David Swanson was always training his mind and his body in order to gain control of them, willingly giving up things. Look at this from the perspective of love, not of lack.
  4. Do more of what brings you clarity and do less things that confuse you. Rescue yourself from the chambers of forgetfulness of God through a Rule to Live By.
  5. How to do less of “what you don´t need anymore” and more of “what you need now.” Find a Rule to do more of what God wants you to do, and less of what keeps you away from Him. The way out of the illusion is to love something of God more than of the illusion.
  6. What is a statement of absolute truth that shakes everything inside of you; it immediately snaps you out of negativity, out of illusion? The Father Prayer from The Lady is full of statements of truth. Find a Rule that represents an absolute statement of truth that you can hold onto.
  7. Situate yourself in a place of humility, in a place where “I always need help.”

Be receptive to receive a Rule to Live By from that place.

In the “Materials ” tab at the top of this page, you find a nice sign “5 Rules to Live By”. You can use it to write down your rules and post it in different places as a reminder.

As Juan encouraged us at the Retreat to preach, he also encouraged us to not so much preach with words, but to preach with our actions.

Click on the item to download it:

Rules to Live By-2017