Week 5: Activities to Choose from to Move Forward

To counteract denial and procrastination, choose one or more activities:
Review what Vince spoke on Day 3 of the Retreat on this topic. Read your notes from the Retreat.

  • If you were not at the Retreat and cannot do the make-up, find other ways to become conscious about death and dying by listening to Kalindi’s talks on death, for example, Truism of Death, The Grand Illusion, No Time to Waste, . (http://store.learn-ultimate.centerofthegoldenone.com/, under “Search Topic,” select “Conscious Departure,” and you will find 12 talks to choose from.)
  • Buy or pick a flower and place it on your altar. Watch it shrivel and die and open to realizing the three dreads in your own life.
  • Journal about your thoughts and realizations about death and dying.
  • Evaluate what it is you need to do in order to have your end of life documents complete. Set yourself a due date, by when you will be doing which part.
  • Meditate about conscious departure. What is the next step in your transformation to live fully now because death can come at any moment. How can you put “No Time to Waste” into action?
  • Include Kalindi’s teaching about no time to waste in your conversations with people.