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Worldwide Structure and Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation (2:05:25)

Worldwide Expansion
Katy began Day Two by introducing Tamara to present a worldwide vision creating connection among all of us — through connecting individuals, small groups and communities, around the world to the vortex of energy of the Home Center. Tamara introduced Lauren and Carlie, co-leaders of the Worldwide Remote Locations and Community Development team. They presented participants speaking from each community and remote location (either in person or by video) from around the world about how important the GMP and other offerings are to their lives and their spiritual movement, and how they keep going, supporting one another.

Carlie closes this section with questions she suggest you contemplate. Spend some time thinking about how you would answer them. They will help you feel connected to this very large foundation being built for Freedom Walk.

Freedom Walk – Path of Transformation
This is an interactive presentation with many speakers from the Freedom Walk team, including Sara and Tamara.

Close to the beginning of the presentation is a prayer walk and guided meditation. You will need space to be able to walk around and place to lie down.