File #1 (1:48:21)

Valentine and Katy Introduce the Seminar (1:48:21)

Valentine sets up the day and gives a dedication to David Swanson, the man who gave his life so Gourasana could come into this world. Gourasana (in David Swanson’s body) passed on March 24, 1995 and this is the 21st anniversary of his passing.

Valentine recaps Mission Seminar 1. He explains some of the changes that have occurred since then and introduces Katy Pillar, the current CEO of Center of The Golden One.

Katy reminds everyone that The Lady has directed that this year be all about the Love of God. She invites everyone to share love with each other. During this time, close your eyes and feel your love and gratitude for the people who participate in this Mission with you; feel their love and gratitude for you.

Katy explains that this Seminar is a business meeting. It is an interactive seminar with live participation from Arizona, Costa Rica, Argentina & Germany — we are a big worldwide team. She introduces live comments from Heinz Steiner, Susan Roger and Anne Martel.

She then facilitates the reading of the Mission Statement by all of us together, which is found in your binder under tab #1. You can read along with the participants.