Tuesday, October 8, 2019 (Munich, October 15) – Home Meditation


  • Tonight The Lady wants the Path to listen to a recording of Kalindi.
  • The recording is from November 20, 1992. It is a recording of Kalindi meeting with a group of men.
  • The recording is just under 3 hours in length, and will take up the entire meditation time.

Instructions from The Lady

  1. You will be listening to this talk from Kalindi at home
  • You can decide, as a unit, if you want to listen to it alone in your bedrooms, or listen to it together.
  • You will want to take notes, because everything Kalindi is saying will move you forward into God, into Truth, and into doing the work.
  • This is why you might want to listen to the talk in your bedroom, because you can start and stop the recording in order to take notes. That is harder to do in a group setting.
  • You can do whatever you think is appropriate for you.

2. Start promptly at 7 pm, just as if you are in meditation. You shouldn’t be lax in any way just because you are at home.

How to Listen

  • The title of the talk is “Talking to the Men,” but the title is misleading. It is true she was talking to a group of men, but the topic is not just applicable to the men. The women should take everything Kalindi is saying and also apply it to themselves.
  • Her speaking is quite riveting, quite spectacular, and quite stimulating. It will help everyone get going in the right direction, which is:
  • I want everyone to start moving appropriately in this area of man/woman relationship and in how to go Home to God, with the emphasis being on going Home to God. The emphasis is not on man/woman.
  • It will be highly spiritually educational, and completely doable. You might want to write down prayers that she speaks, or write down intention of how to go about it.
  • The consciousness of how to do the work is what has to change. It will make more sense after you listen to the talk.

Streaming Links

1, For Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) or the Mac Safari browser 
(you may need to copy this link and paste it into Safari manually):

2. For PCs, Macs and Android devices using QuickTime Player 7 or using VLC Media Player: