The Lady for FW

During this period of time, we are all being directed so personally by The Lady, 
moving with her and everything she brings to us.

In the last two Worldwide Days, she mentioned the importance of taking action and that many people are weak in this area. That is a spiritual master pointing something out, which can be taken as spiritual direction. Remember, in March she told us how important it is to have a spiritual focus during this time. And she invited us all to choose a Fruit of the Holy Spirit to focus on each month.

in the last two Worldwide Days, The Lady spoke about the following spiritual tools that we can practice:

  • Observing the illusions work: become detached, aware and stay informed of the coronavirus
  • Becoming aware of the automatic workings of the mind
  • Learning how to control the mind, senses and emotions
  • Practicing “Calm with Gourasana”
  • Practicing the GMP regularly
  • Releasing whenever you need throughout the day
  • Using music to transform
  • Practicing ‘Negation” – “Not that… not that…”
  • Practicing “not judging”
  • Practice venting – if you become really stirred up
  • The Father Prayer
  • The Mercy Melody
  • Acts of Humility
  • The 5 Rules of The Lady

The Lady also sent us all a number of quotes and prayers after the March event.

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