Suggestions to get the most from your experience

This is critical to get the most from the retreat: Be honest in all the processes offered in this Retreat, so you can move forward from a real place. Participate in the exercises fully. In this Retreat, there are no “breaks” in consciousness. Become aware, as an observer, of how you are all the time. Maintain an internal focus on how your mind, senses and emotions tend to run you. If you are with others, respect the fact that they are also in their internal focus with meditative consciousness.

During breaks and at night, please be in silence so that you can capture the full feeling intended for the Retreat. That silence contributed greatly to participants’ ability to be observers of their own thoughts, habits and emotions.

When sharing is happening, journal in your notebook if you are alone; if you are with others, share among yourselves. If you are connected with a friend by phone or Skype, share in that way.

We close each day with a homework assignment and instructions about our evening program. Listen carefully, as this sets you up to get the most spiritual movement possible while you sleep.

Begin each next day with a combination of the morning activities listed in The Lifestyle handout (see Day 1 Video 1 “Materials“). It is up to you to choose what elements of the morning program you will do each day. This sets the tone for the day. This also has you begin or continue to live on the spiritual lifestyle in your daily life. Practicing the Lifestyle is an important practice to develop and practice along with the GMP in daily life if you want rapid spiritual transformation.