Sound Board

What to do at the beginning of every event:

Do this at the beginning of an event or meditation. This procedure will set the sound board back to “ground zero” and clear out EQs set for a prior meditation. ​

  1. Press “view” on the far right side of the sound board in the “scenes” block. This will give you the correct view in the top window of the sound board.
  2. Next go to the window at the top of the sound board. Within that section there is a “page select” in the bottom right hand corner. Page “right” until the tab “scenes” is displayed in the window.
  3. You will see different “scenes” displayed that have been saved as settings in the sound board. Use the knob in the bottom left hand corner to move the cursor and highlight the “default” scene.
  4. Press down on the same knob to “load” the default scene. This will prompt a pop-up screen asking you if you want to “load” this scene.
  5. Return to the “page select” button in the bottom right hand corner and page “right” to load the scene.

Now the sound board is reset. Be sure not do this during a meditation or event unless someone from Media Services instructs you to do so (Pepe, Ben, Bruce) as it will put the sound levels back to zero and you will have no sound.

Sound Board Training Video

This is a videorecording of a training we had on the new sound board. Ben takes you through the basics of what a DJ would need to know for a meditation. Click on the play button to access the video.