Please Follow These Guidelines

Participating on this site means that you agree to the following guidelines:

  1. Be guided by all of our teachings of higher consciousness when posting or interacting on this site: For instance have Love, Care and Respect for all, Follow the 10 No’s, and Be open-minded.
  2. The purpose of this site is for spiritual movement and association. Share or post only what is directly related to your spiritual transformation so this site can stay focused and intimate. (For example don’t use the site for advertising anything.)
  3. Just as in the Love’s Awakening Seminars, respect everyone’s privacy by not disclosing any personal information about anyone else.
  4. Don’t share this site with anyone who is not on the official Freedom Walk Path.
  5. Don’t use any materials given here for profit, without having a prior written agreement with the Denver Center of The Golden One, as this respects the Center’s Teaching Policy.
  6. Freedom Walk leadership reserves the right to take down anything that isn’t in alignment with the purpose of this site.

Thank you.