Introduction and Disclaimer


Today’s circumstances make this an important time to have your end-of-life paperwork complete so that you, and those taking care of you, are clear about your choices related to your medical treatment and your dying process. 

To begin :

  • You can watch or re-watch the recording to the April 27th Zoom Presentation for an explanation of the legal and financial paperwork you need to prepare. The presentation will also give you an experience of why it’s important to have these documents in place. 
  • We will also be posting the Thursday evening Question and Answer Zoom Presentation.


“Many organizations and resources are available online and offer assistance including sample documents such as available from: AARP,, Five Wishes and others.  While we cannot endorse or recommend any specific site or documents, some congregants have found “Lawdepot” a useful resource.  If you have questions or concerns about creating documents particularly suited to your individual situation you may wish to consult with an attorney practicing in the area of Estate Planning to tailor documents specific to your circumstances.  The Center cannot offer you specific legal advice.  The Center offers you this evening and its examples for informational purposes and to facilitate you addressing this important area of preparedness in your life.”