This Worldwide Day with The Lady follows a Worldwide Day with The Lady from June 2018. The following is from the invitation for this event:

At the Worldwide Day with The Lady on June 16, 2018, The Lady expressed her desire to be with everyone again. Since we had to cancel our July Love’s Awakening Seminar, she wanted to offer an event with her instead. She said:

“I can hardly wait to be with you again in July. Our time together
will be of a completely different nature than what we just traveled
through. We will be spending hours with Gourasana, and I will also
bring in my new version of The Father Prayer.”

In honor of the Love’s Awakening Seminar, and for those of you who are staffing the Seminar, The Lady will be presenting unreleased talks from Gourasana where He spoke about the purpose, power and significance of the Seminars. And of course, she will bring much more! It will be a day of Gourasana, of meditation, and being together with The Lady.