How To Be With The Lady

To prepare our consciousness to receive everything The Lady will give to us, here are some points to understand and to embrace:

  • Be situated in the God qualities of openness, humility, receptivity, and open-mindedness.
  • The Lady speaks from the highest place spiritually. She speaks about God, spiritual freedom, Home, awareness, the illusion, self-realization and God-realization, and how all of these relate to the Mission (Center of The Golden One). She speaks about how to do the spiritual work offered at the Center.
  • She often speaks about how to break the cycle of birth and death. If that is not something you want, or can relate to at this time, remember that everyone is on the journey Home and you can apply whatever is relevant to your own current spiritual desire.
  • The Lady always brings Gourasana and Kalindi to us. Gourasana is a modern-day Incarnation of God. Kalindi is His voice, the Voice of God and Spiritual Master for the World.
  • An Incarnation always confronts the status quo of the beliefs and concepts of the time. Kalindi and The Lady, as spiritual masters, are meant to confront anything that is not of the truth, which includes limiting concepts, judgments, and beliefs that people are bound by. You don’t have to believe what they say, but be open-minded and receptive to what is offered. With your sincere desire, you are encouraged to embrace any internal confrontation and go deep within to find the truth for yourself.
  • The Lady often uses her time with us to move the spiritual consciousness of the Mission forward in many ways. Don’t worry if you don’t understand the details of the situations she might speak about; listen for the underlying spiritual teachings and let your consciousness be moved.
  • The Lady may refer to the Mission’s past or history. You may not always be familiar with all the names or events; again, don’t worry. But if you do have a question, write it down and bring your questions to your local spiritual leader.
  • Sometimes The Lady shares letters people write to her about their own transformation, or about what is happening in the Mission. She does this because one person’s realizations or perspective can benefit everyone.
  • No Disclosure: To respect everyone’s privacy, you are asked to keep all personal information about anyone or any circumstances that The Lady presents or that occur during the event confidential.