Gourasana Talk – June 8, 1988 (Unreleased)

The Lady begins the second half of Day 2 by introducing an unreleased Gourasana talk from June 8, 1988 – Gourasana is talking with a small group of people about how to bring the seminar they are producing up to its greatest potential, how to truly help others. “What is critical is what’s in your heart, and the hearts of those assisting.”

Gourasana also reminds us that the love that one feels in the Seminar comes from going within.  It is not from people outside oneself. It is from going within and touching upon the True Realm of existence.

The Lady closes the event by inviting several staff from the Seminar to speak about what they received from the talk. They spoke about how this talk from Gourasana will dramatically change how we conduct the Seminar – re-creating it as Gourasana would have it be, keeping the light lit.