Gourasana quotes displayed during the Retreat

Five signs were displayed along the wall of the Denver Center during the 5 days of the Retreat (see below).
If you have a Gourasana Sign Book, some of these can be found in there and you can display one of these signs each time you view the videos.
If you don’t have a Sign Book, you can order one from the Bookstore:
OR you can make these signs for yourself.

  • “Effort is the key for advancement.”
  • “Practice control: there is nothing sweeter than control.”
  • “In order to get free, you have to have CONTROL of your mind, emotions and senses.”
  • “One of the main reasons that people do not succeed in their spiritual life is simply because they are too lazy.”
  • “If you get confused, angry, upset . . . I cannot come to you and HELP you.”