Go Deeper Day – June 2017: A 5-week introductory program

Freedom Walk is for you and for the world.
Unleash yourself into the Love of God!

Preparation for Go Deeper Day : Brotherhood and Sisterhood

To begin this program, please watch the17 minute video below. It is an excerpt of Juan speaking at the Retreat about many topics including our Brotherhood and Sisterhood. It is an excellent preparation for this Go Deeper Day.

One important teaching of our Founders is that “God’s Love is For Everyone.” As part of our own individual and personal transformation, we are not only focusing on ourselves, but acknowledge and support the brotherhood and sisterhood of humankind.

As a group of people with common direction and a common desire of transformation and Love of God for ourselves, each other and the world, we are bonded on this journey of transformation, no matter what our individual goals are for ourselves. We share the bond of waking up together.

Juan said, “True friendship is connected love in the brotherhood and sisterhood of the Mission. It’s timeless, it’s direct, it’s not soothing in the illusion. How great that there’s hundreds of us. I know that if I’m sleeping next to you, you will wake me up.”

Next is the Go DeeperDay; and from there we keep moving, holding, waking up and inspiring each other.

Go Deeper Day

Go Deeper Day is presented in 3 video recordings that will take approximately 7 hours to watch. Set aside some extended periods of time for yourself to fully engage with the day.
Click the play button to watch each video.

Video 1 of 3:

Video 2 of 3:

Video 3 of 3:

After Go Deeper Day Week #1: Identify What You Feel You Want to Change

For the week after watching the videos from Go Deeper Day, explore these questions. They can help guide you through letting go of something specific. You may want to journal as a way to explore and help you go within.

  1. What is God calling forth in you?
  2. From what you know is real and true for you, what specific change do you know you need to make to live more in alignment with what you know is true?

After Go Deeper Day Week #2: Identify the Specific Illusion You Want to Let Go Of

At Go Deeper Day you identified what you are finding, and where you are not yet fully standing in that in every area of your life yet. That means change, and change can be challenging.

So let’s go through something together now.

Last week you explored what specific change you know you need to make to live more in alignment with what you know is true. You may have identified one specific area in your life that is out of alignment.

This week look at that area and identify what INTERNAL illusion you need to let go of, because that illusion blocks your connection with God/with Love/with Truth, in that area of your life. Identifying this illusion allows you to have awareness. Then formulate a prayer to get help to let it go. Because you can’t do it alone; you can’t ‘fix’ it.

For example:
You may know you are finding God’s unconditional love, and want to share unconditional love with people, but at work you are afraid that people will reject you, and so “your domino wobbles” when relating to people. So the internal illusion might be: letting go of being dependent on what other people think.

Important: Don’t go into the illusion, just identify it. See it and be aware of it. What is your prayer of desire to get help to let it go? (Next week we will share from The Lady: how you do the work to let it go.)

After Go Deeper Day Week #3: Deciding to Let Go of an Illusion

The Lady brought the Path teachings on how to work with a personal illusion to let it go. We are bringing these to you through the questions we are asking here and applying them to what was started at Go Deeper Day.
So far you:

  1. Stated what you know is real and true for you about God or transformation.
  2. Identified what areas of your life are not in alignment with what you know is true.
  3. Identified the baseline internal illusion that causes you not to be in alignment.
  4. NOW, Do you want to let go of the illusion? For God to help you, you need to come to the place where you really WANT the illusion to go. Make sure you choose an illusion that you are truly ready to let go of internally. It is up to your desire. He can’t help us where we are clinging to the illusion and don’t really want to let it go. Having the desire to let it go means you want it gone more than you want to hang on, at least 51%= over the line.
    So, this week focus on your DESIRE to let go. See if you can make an actual DECISION, that you really truly want to let go (51%). Be honest and work it. You can work it by starting wherever you are inside of yourself and from there keep working it: DESIRE, PRAY, WANT, ASK, PLEA, BEG. . . so even if you “want to want to let it go,” you are on your way. Making an actual DECISION within, from a deep place, not just your mind, is in and of itself a commitment. See if you can get to truly wanting to let it go, being ready to let it go.

What is your prayer to let go of the illusion you identified?

After Go Deeper Day Week #4: Praying to Let Go and Increasing Awareness

It takes time to be done with holding onto an illusion. It takes time and desire to really be on the side of letting it go.

What is it that you want MORE than this particular illusion?

The only reason to focus on an illusion is to see it for what it is, so we can let it go and be with God, more and more!

Keep working your desire to let it go. Get to 51% of you actually wants to let this thing go. If you feel some part of you wanting to hang onto it, internally use your qualities from God to keep moving it: Determination, Desire, Commitment, Moment by Moment Awareness, Love, Trust, Faith, etc.

As you pray, your awareness will increase and you will see more – be encouraged!
Find help in Prayer. Talk to God, ask Him for what you need . . . What is your prayer? What is your desire?

This week, continue to be immersed in PRAYER. Find your relationship with God in prayer.

After Go Deeper Day Week #5: Using Tools of Light to Let Go of a Specific Illusion

We are continuing on our awareness journey together and taking a next step.
So far you looked at:

  1. what is the one thing that you know is true,
  2. you identified the illusion that you need to let go,
  3. you made the decision to let go
  4. and you prayed for the desire to get to at least 51% of letting it go.

It is a journey with God. And it is not always easy. Keep going now using your God given qualities.

Add what you already know about the Tools of Light to sustain your new consciousness and to replace the illusion with truth.

Your Tool of Light can be “one word” that reminds you of the truth, whenever you feel the illusion trying to influence you into old habits. Or perhaps it is a line from “The Fruits of the Holy Spirit“, or “Why are the Saints Saints” that will help you to adopt a quality that replaces the behavior or consciousness you are letting go of. Turn away from the illusion and turn towards the light — find what works for you.

For Example:
If you are letting go of the need for approval from others, you may want to go towards Gratitude, or the Longing, or Prayer when you feel needy. Turn away from the illusion by substituting something of light in its place.

  • Find your own one or more Tools of Light that you know work for you.
  • Pay attention and change them when needed.
  • Stay with this focus for several weeks or more.
  • You might want to go back to the previous weeks and the steps we took together and evaluate each single step for you.
  • Wherever you are — honor it and go from there.
  • Keep working it. Keep exercising your spiritual muscles.
  • Share your realizations with others who are participating with Freedom Walk: What is your specific Tool of Light? What works for you? How are you doing?