General Instructions

This 2018 Retreat consists of 5 days, each led by one or more leaders (Shar, Tamara, Karin, Barbara, Charlotte, Vince, Juan, along with Minka & Pierre and Lani & Ronna) with each leader delivering a different topic (to which you will be introduced on the next pages). All of the days are about Unlocking the Power of the GMP®.

You can do all five days together, or you can do one day at a time. Each day builds on the previous ones. Plan how you want to participate in this Retreat now. Although this online course is completely set up for you to do by yourself, you may want to do this course together with a friend or with a group of people. This would give you support all the way through, and after the course you could continue to get and give support to make the transformational changes you will inevitably want to make in your life.

  1. Schedule your course.
    It is recommended that you schedule either 5 full days or 9 half-days to view the videos to do this course. It is not recommended that you do any less than half a day at a time, so that you get the full benefit of each topic.
    If you can, watch each video without interruption. (You can take breaks between the videos for snacks, etc.) Watch the videos in the sequence they are numbered, within each day.
  2. Gather the items you will need for this course.
    – Refer to the Welcome Letter you received after registering, or click on “Materials” to download instructions.
    – There will also be some handouts that you will be asked to download on different days. Those will appear in “Materials” tab at the top of the page for that day.
  3. When you are ready to begin, go to Day One and watch the videos in order.
    When there is a round of sharing or other group activity, you will be told what to do on the sub-page in the video description.
  4. Each day may have homework.

(Note: Please remember that in order to participate in this online course, you first had to register, complete an application, and have your application screened and approved in order to participate – similar to the process when you actually attend an event. We are counting on you to respect this registration and application process by not sharing this course with others who have not registered or paid for it. Thank you for your assistance with this.)