How It All Began and an Unreleased Talk from Gourasna

The Lady enters, giving gifts to many on Freedom Walk. The music playing during this gift-giving is “Miracles”, which was part of a special connection The Lady had with Gourasana. She also refers to “Fairy Ring” and “Angel Love” which also were pieces of music very significant to the Core in the early days of Gourasana’s Incarnation.

She continues by recounting “how it all began” – her own spiritual evolution, the development of her connection with Gourasana, David Swanson’s transformation into Gourasana, and the 12-Day Awakening of Kalindi.

Finally, The Lady introduces an unpublished talk by Gourasana: “Feeling Love Depends on the Focus of Your Consciousness, not the External Circumstances.” Make sure you are comfortable but able to stay alert at the same time.

The Lady says goodnight and Sara closes the evening by setting everyone up for the next day.